I was a reader of the forum since backtrack times and just want to contribute with some help for those are trying to use kali in the stylish MBA.

I managed to use Kali in my MBA without rEFIT or rEFIND, only grub is needed, is a live with persistence, and this is how to do it:
1.- Open Disk Utility in your macosx and free enought space for the needed partitions (in my case, I need/want 20g, 4g for an efi partition + 16g for persistance)
2.- download any live linux that can be booted from usb in MBA (I used lubuntu)
3.- boot to live linux and use gparted for create one fat32 partition (4g in my case) and one ext4 partition with the rest of the free space (16g in my case)
4.- go back to macosx, download the file attached (efi.zip , is the grub loader already tuned for boot kali)
5.- download kali 1.0.9 64b iso file, change the name to kali.iso and save in your fat32 partition inside the efi folder.
6.- reboot your MBA while keep option key pressed and select the second efi partition, kali will boot now.
7.- from kali, go to the ext4 partition created in step 3 and create a file, name it persistence.conf, open it and write "/ union", save it and reboot.
8.- boot again to kali using option key and enjoy your kali linux with persistence.

If you want to place the kali.iso file in other folder or with other name, remember to change the file /efi/boot/grub.cfg to point to it.
While booting will be no splash and will be some artifacts.
Mouse icon is cut to half size (don't know why and I don't care XDDD )
I choose to make the fat32 partition with 4g for grub plus the size of the kali iso, if you want to add more isos to the grub menu you will need a bigger partition.

Good luck.
best regards

PS. can't attach the file, here is the link to it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7h...ew?usp=sharing