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Thread: Kali Sly-PI Mods/Scripts

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    Kali Sly-PI Mods/Scripts

    Thanks to Mutts great training during BruCON I now have a RPi B+ with a screen.

    While playing around with it I noticed that even though a static IP is setup for the Ethernet port no default gateway is set and there are no option for wired connection on the default menus.
    So I'm going to try and write a script to use the LAN connect instead of 3G.

    But if anybody else has mods/scripts that they have write, then this maybe a good place to post them so others can easily find them.

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    Pi with a screen? that sounds like fun!

    Do you have a link to a guide or some such?


    Is this what I need to buy?
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    chown -R us ./base

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