Hi guys. I've searched all over the web for a solution for my problem but no luck yet. Heres the thing. I tried to liverun Kali from a USB drive. Somewhere in the installation something went wrong, either I did something wrong or the installation crashed. I cant recall anymore. I reset the laptop and after that the error missing OS kept coming back. Ive tried resetting the BIOS. Ive tried system recovery, which gives the same error. Ive tried booting from my win7 install disc (pirate, fking preinstalled win8 made me do it), but this says that the disc is not compatible. So now im doubting if its maybe 32 bit instead of 64. Downloaded 32 bit iso, doesnt even boot to setup. Again missing OS. Downloaded 32 and 64 bit setup, no os. Live cd kali: no os. Usb boot, no os. The only option i seem to have is that cd which says not compatible, so i cant repair but only wipe clean and fresh install. This, i rather wont do for the loss of files. Also tried different settings in BIOS (lagacy and uefi). Any other options to pervent full wipe? Your input in greatly appreciated.