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Thread: A quick question about Kali Linux for Raspberry Pi

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    Question A quick question about Kali Linux for Raspberry Pi

    I have searched high and low, on this forum, Google, and various other sources and I just cannot find this answer. I've downloaded and put Kali Linux amd64 on a USB Thumb Drive and when I went to run it on my laptop it's basically a LiveCD version of Kali with an option to install. That being said, my question is this: Is the Kali Linux for Raspberry Pi an already installed version, or is it also a LiveCD version that will take more work to get it "installed"? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

    As a slight aside: Eventually I want to build my own Kali ISO using every package that the Raspberry Pi B+ can possibly use (once my Linux Fu is strong enough. I got a 32GB SD card so I have plenty of room), is there perchance a list of packages that would be wasted space?

    Update 1: I specifically download the Kali Linux for Raspberry Pi image, not the Kali Linux ARMEL/ARMHF image.
    Update 2: Admins - Feel free to delete this post. I guess I'll just find out when my hardware comes in. Thanks for all the assistance.
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