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Thread: Black Screen after Boot from HDD / USB-Live works

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    Black Screen after Boot from HDD / USB-Live works


    When I start the Live Version of Kali Linux from the USB there are no problems. But i want to install it on my HDD.
    The installation itself isn't the problem and there aren't any errors. But when i start my notebook and select kali in grub
    the screen just turns black and i can't do anything.

    I tried adding nomodeset, i915.modeset=0 and nvidia.modeset=0 after "quiet" (only "quiet" not "quiet splash").
    (I have to press F10, ctrl+x doesn't work if that helps in a way?)

    Notebook: MSI GE60
    1TB HDD
    DDR3 8GB RAM
    Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor
    Nvidia GeForce GT 750M/2GB GDDR6

    I don't know what information you also have to know.

    Kali is the only OS on this Notebook.

    Sorry for my (bad?) english.

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    Same problem here! In graphical install at the point grub is installed - black screen. "Framebuffer not available; disabling graphical frontend."
    At normal install exact same point - black screen without error message.

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    Same here,can't load from usb,black screen with white dots,help appreciated!

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    I have the same laptop and the same problem removing grub and replacing it with rEFInd fixed my problem.

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