so I finally decided to install kali along with win
done evey step in the documentation
untill configuring netwok** step
-I'm using wifi
-after detecting my wifi ap, the installer ask for my ap password( so I did eventually )
- for weird reasons, It wasn't able to connect with my wireless ap, I tried re-entering my password still didn't work
-so I proceed with my offline installation )=
-after reboot, I started issuing apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
-but nothing happens I kept receiving errors cannot connect to** or something every time I issue something like that
-I tried fixing my repositories with the official documentation nothing happens
-I thought my internet is slow at 2 mbps so I tried a week after but still confronted with the same results )=

anybody experienced this problem?

plz anybody help me I can't find the solution to this )=