Hi, i just fired changed up (a bit late mayebe) from Backtrack 5.
everything is working nice, but i have one problem and i just want to figure out if it is just me or maybe a bug with the plugin becasue OpenVas 7 is quite new and i maybe should report it to Rapid7.
iam not at home right now so i cant paste any data or anything like that but ill try to explain my situation.

My problem is with Metasploit. when i use the OpenVas plugin, and trying to import a scan, the import goes well (XML option)
everything gets put in niceely in my Database tables and so on, but i noticed that under the "vulns" section it doesnt import port numbers. so i cant search the vulns table for services or ports. anyone else has the same problem.

iam running the current Git of metasploit and OpenVas7

The scan goes trough as it should everything works fine with the import, except the Port/service portion.

anyone ?