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Thread: Where to start

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    Where to start

    Kali community,

    I have recently started messing around with Kali and have tinkered around with nmap, netdiscover and some zenmap, I have tinkered with some metasploit stuff too, but do not have much experience with it. I was wondering if some experience pentesters could give me some guidance and direction on some beginner tools and exercises to learn more. I currently run on a samsung chromebook ARM install, and obviously do not have all of the available tools due to the limitations of a chroombook install. Thanks for your advice!

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    Can we use KALI Linux in our Enterprise for PenTest and scanning

    Hi All,

    I have a doubt on its usage., Can we use KALI Linux in our real-time Enterprise for PenTesting and Vuln Scanning?


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    Check out VulnHub for great resources in learning how to pentest.
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