Hello all,

Pardon my forum newness, and thanks in advance. The gist of the problem is that Kali Linux doesn't get past "Booting kernel" unless the ethernet cable has been plugged in since the computer was powered on.

Machine: Intel Core i7 (64-bit) MacBook Pro (Late 2013)
System: Kali Linux 1.09a (default GNOME setup) installed to 64gb SanDisk Extreme USB flash drive, using full-disk encrypted LVM.

After completing the installation successfully and booting up with no problems (with the ethernet cable still plugged in), I ran apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade, then used module-assistant to install the broadcom-wl driver which was required for this particular laptop's wireless card. The driver install was successful, and I used modprobe to get rid of other Broadcom wireless drivers (b43, b44, b43legacy) and activate the correct one. When the system is running, the wireless works without problems.

But booting (with GRUB, installed on /dev/sdb, my USB drive, by the Kali installer) hangs at "Booting kernel" if the ethernet cable is unplugged. Everything works smoothly if the cable is plugged in, however. (As I'm on a MacBook, the ethernet cable is actually an ethernet adapter in a Thunderbolt port, but as long as it's plugged in at boot it's recognized by any OS as an ethernet port.) The LVM password, since it is requested in a later prompt, is in the earlier case never requested at all. I've searched forums and Google but haven't found anyone with a similar problem. Any ideas what I might be able to do?

Let me know if you want any command outputs from the booted system or from the GRUB console.