Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I am having trouble installing the Nvidia drivers on my Kali Linux. I am running an Intel i-7 4790k with (2) EVGA GTX 970 SC cards in SLI. I am running Kali Linux 1.0.9 on a dual boot with Windows. I cannot seem to install the Nvidia drivers. I have followed the instructions exactly on http://www.blackmoreops.com/2014/06/...nvidia-driver/ , but every time after i reboot after installing the nvidia-xconfig I reboot and get the black screen with the blinking cursor. So I have to press Ctrl+F1 to log in and remove the xconfig file. When I do the glxinfo | grep -i "direct rendering" , I get an error screen. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Does it not like the SLI perhaps? I have tried nvidia-xconfig --multigpu=on and nvidia-xconfig --sli=on also, with no success. Everything brings me back to the black screen. I am also running dual monitors plugged into the same graphics card. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I would love to utilize the cuda cores to increase cracking speed. Thank you.