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Thread: Unable to install Kali on Samsung Chromebook XE303C12

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    Exclamation Unable to install Kali on Samsung Chromebook XE303C12

    I am new to Linux and have been wanting to learn pentesting.
    I have been trying to install Kali on my Samsung Chromebook but failed in varying part.

    I understand that there is no image to install Kali directly onto the HDD and single boot Kali at the moment (am I correct?).
    I tried the recommended option of using the ARM image to create a USB and boot from it. This happens successfully only sporadically and then when Kali runs it is buggy, even when I try to run commands like apt-get update the command fails and says there was an error connecting to the repo. This was tried using the inbuilt card to connect to the Internet. The OS hangs or does not recognise the device when I plug in my Alfa AWUS036NHA adapter. Running apt-get to install the atheros firmware also failed. The OS then hangs and I need to reboot the system.

    I tried installing Kali via Crouton as well (using - But again I have no control over my wireless adapter connected through the USB port. I can only use the network connected through the Chrome OS I cannot manage the network through Crouton. what use is using crouton for my purposes of learning pentesting?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated! I am really unsure of how to proceed or what to do.

    Thank you in advance.!

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    I run Kali in this manner on my Samsung Chromebook daily. I'd actually recommend using an SD card rather than a USB stick. USB sticks are and can be extremely slow. Get a class 10 sdcard and plug that in, and hit ctrl+u at the developer screen. I'm not sure why you're having issues with wifi, the ath9k driver and firmware are in the image. I test against quite a few USB wifi devices without issue here.

    I can't speak towards crouton at all, and it would certainly be pointless to use the chromeos kernel as it hasn't been patched for wifi injection, or do they enable external wifi modules.

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    Hi, i have an acer chromebook with kali. i used the 'crouton' option and its great, its fast and i can Apt-Get what ever tools i need. As for injection, it seems to work. I was attacking my network and every time i sent 2 deauths it seemed to knock me off the network for a second .

    I felt the same as you 'crouton will never live up to full blow, full metal jacket kali' but im loving it at the moment

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    as for the network connection, when your chromebook boots up click on the wifi icon on the login screen and turn it off. Its what i have to do and since then it has been alot more responsive at picking up wifi.

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