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Thread: Raspberry PI B+ with WaveShare SpotPear 3.2 LCD

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    Raspberry PI B+ with WaveShare SpotPear 3.2 LCD

    Hi guys!

    I have been working with Kali Linux trying to made it work with a Raspberry Pi B+ with a WaveShare SpotPear LCD touch screen
    Altought I have try the new Raspberry Pi B+ ARM image support with TFT ( it doesn't work
    I have been searching and reading through a lot of forums I cannot find a workaround that is enough for me, even they offer the drivers in GitHub ( I cannot made a way to working it because it is made to work with Raspbian and not with the custom kernel that Kali has
    The closest one that I have find is this ( but I can never made it work for different reasons
    So if anybody can help me with it I will be very grateful as I'm not the best with Linux Kernel or hardware

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    Based on reading the ozzmaker forums... I would NOT suggest running the kali arm build scripts on the rpi themselves. They are designed to be run on an amd64 box, preferably running Kali. The custom kernel we run is based on the adafruit sources - if you actually read through the script, you can see where we clone the kernel from github. If Ozzmaker provide their own kernel and sources, by all means have at it by replacing what we have and use their sources.

    As far as I know, the rpitft is based off the notro fbtft driver, and you may just need to modify the few different files to point to using their driver instead of what we put. is the line that clones their kernel. here we do git submodule init/update so that we update the kernel with the driver. here we've modified the boot cmd just a bit to add the fbcon stuff. this is where we create /etc/modules to load the tft modules needed this is where we add the file for the module's settings.

    For the most part, setting those bits to what they should be fore the WaveShare SpotPear LCD touch screen should allow it to work. It's entirely possible that the adafruit driver is modified, but I don't believe it is. I've got a few other things in line, but if I can find some time to look into this I will, but it may be a few weeks or a month or so.

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    Did you ever get it working? I have the same LCD screen and the same issue. I have the original image that works fine with the LCD screen and have tried everything with no luck.

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