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Thread: Installing on an Acer Aspire E15

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    Question Installing on an Acer Aspire E15

    Installed via usb.
    For partition configuration selected "entire disk".
    After the data was transferred to the disk (the loading bar said something like "transferring data to disk"), the grey menu on the blue background disappeared and all that was left was a blue screen with a white bar at the bottom.
    I found out that whatever I typed was entered into the white bar, so I tried some commands and got no output.
    After waiting with that same blue/white screen for a while I decided to try and restart the machine (probably a big mistake on my part).
    And now the furthest the installation will boot to is the blinking cursor/black screen.

    Just looking for options. My google-fu was not enough. Any Ideas?


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    After each screw up, you need to erase those disks. Be patient, alot of times Linux will pause to US but is really doing tons in the background. Can you get a copy of the LiveDVD Version? Im not sure i trust usb installs just yet lol. Then again maybe its just reading your usb slow. Sorry I cant help much but I would try liveDVD install.

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