I decided to build a custom ISO with no desktop environment and install compiz from it's master git repos. Compiz is running and happy but I'm having a few issues that I was hoping someone around here might be able to help determine the cause of.

-msfconsole/msfupdate/anything metasploit doesn't do anything. I start the postgresql service, and the metasploit community service, and then I type in msfconsole, and get no result other than a blinking cursor. To check that this wasn't because of the environment I switched to a different tty without x running, and attempted running msfconsole from there, and still no dice. I checked dmesg for errors and all I'm getting there is package-power-limit notifications.

-I can't run terminal programs from my applications menu but can open a terminal and run them normally. Basically, I have urxvt set as my default terminal and when I click on items in my Kali menu that should open in urxvt, they don't open. However GUI applications will run when selected from the menu (for example, wireshark, and iceweasel). Is it possible the terminal is opening extremely quickly and then closing?

Thanks for your time!