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Thread: Dual Boot Kali Linux with Windows 8.1 (UEFI and SECURE BOOT)

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    Angry Dual Boot Kali Linux with Windows 8.1 (UEFI and SECURE BOOT)

    Dear Community,

    I've an Windows 8.1 PC which is installed with UEFI and SECURE BOOT when I am enabling Legacy Mode I am able to boot Kali Linux from CD. But when I try to install it on my Partition it is installing but then I can only but to Windows 8.1 with the Windows Boot Manager so there is no Linux what can I do?!

    I don't want to reinstall Windows 8.1 I want to install Kali Linux after Windows 8.1


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    disable MS's secure boot

    it really only serves one function
    to STOP dual booting

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    You have to install a GRUB bootloader. use this link:

    The link in step 3 is broken but you can google for the files.

    Hope this works =)

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