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Thread: Type cover 3 patch for Kali ?

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    Type cover 3 patch for Kali ?

    Hey guys I want to start by saying im new to Kali. I just got my Surface Pro 3 and I am now able to boot kali with my sd card with no problem. But I been looking all over for a patch to fix the type cover because its not registering. It seems to be patched on other Linux versions not main stream of course but still something. I wondering if any one can point me in the right direction to help me find this type cover patch working for kali thank you.

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    I know this is a bit old but I'm wondering the same thing. I was able to write Kali Linux to my hard drive, but had an issue with Kali LInux being recognized in the start-up. I kind of gave up and then came across a ubuntu setup on surface pro 3. The grub from that was able to easily recognize the Kali Linux OS on my SP3. So now I'm able to boot windows 8.1, Ubuntu, and Kali Linux. I can use the track pad in Ubuntu, and now I just need to fix it in Kali Linux. I'm fairly new to this (if you can't tell from my terminology) so I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a good quality guide in writing a kernel in Kali Linux so I can use my track pad. I've found a guide of installing the SP3 track pad from a "Linux" here, but I do not know if this is compatible with Kali Linux. I think I understand that Kali Linux is debian based, and that seems to be what all these files are as well, but I'm still not that clear on all this. Hopefully someone can help!

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    Raising the dead with this post it's so old, but I've exhausted my searching capability. Been to the ends of the web and back looking for a solution, and I can't find one short of recompiling the kernel, which I don't want to do. Any suggestions/solutions and/or advice is greatly appreciated.


    Has anyone been able to get a typecover to work with the Surface Pro 3?

    I've installed Kali, but am unable to manipulate the interface to choose the operating system to boot to from the grub menu without carrying a USB keyboard around, effectively negating the portability of this option using the surface to run Kali on without carrying around a USB keyboard.

    I ended up changing the boot order in grub to default to Windows, and have Kali 'parked' for now. I'm only able to really get any use out of it when I have a USB keyboard attached or when I have the SurfacePro 3 docked, with a USB keyboard attached to the dock.

    Does anyone have a patch for the typecover, or a better solution than carrying around a USB keyboard? (Besides using a traditional laptop )

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    Alright so it has taken me a week of trial and error, I am still learning this whole process but I have Kali Linux up and running, connected to the internet, with all accessories working, on my surface pro 3. Ended up using VMware Workstation 11 (Downloaded) and created a virtual system on my computer to run it. So far everything appears to be working. I don't know if there are disadvantages to running it this way as opposed to the dual boot, but this way I can bounce back and forth between Kali and windows instantly. My type cover, wifi, touch pad, bluetooth mouse, and stylus are all working just fine.

    Here is the link to the walk through i used


    The only differences I did from this video were...
    -renamed the partition I had set aside for a dual-boot install, and had the Virtual Machine (VM) installed there instead of on the C: drive as the guy in the video does
    -selected "Debian 7.x -64 bit" instead of Ubuntu when selecting which version of Linux to run in the creation of the VM

    if you have any questions about where to get stuff shoot me a message. I'll update if anything doesn't work

    Edit: Youtube link
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    Hello chuckie, glad to hear that you r able to boot from SD card, I tried too hard to boot from SD card / USB drive, only to fail each time with my surface pro 3, if possible would you guide me through the process how are able to make it work please.. BTW we'all tried to make type cover work but it cant seem to work at all other than in virtual environment like V.Box or VM ware, next best thing is check if Bluetooth is working on your live so you can hook up a BT keyboard.

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