Hi I'm using raspberry pi and Kali Linux as part of a project for university.

I downloaded the image file from the official website and installed it to my sd card before inserting it into the pi and booting it. This was without any problems.

I downloaded the package I wanted without any problems and turned off the pi using the GUI shut down button and removing the sd card before pulling the plug.

However upon switching on the pi and booting up the sd card I get stuck at a black screen with a black cursor. This is after i entered the login details for Kali and using the startx command.

Does anyone know how to solve this ?

The way I can do work now is having to install Kali on the card after formatting it and downloading all the packages again.

I'm using five micro sd cards atm which are a adata 32GB, Kingston 16GBs and two PNY 8GB's

All of these are micro sdhc cards