when i press install i get "Making new disk image (512MB) ... fail"

i have samsing galaxy note 2 (sprint SPH-L900) stock and rooted also latest version of busybox pro and SuperSU

Distribution: kali linux
Distribution suite: kali
Architecture: armhf
mirror url: http://.kali.org/kali
instalation type: file
installation path: /storage/emulated/0/linux.img i also tried /sdcard/linux.img and /storage/emulated/legacy/linux.img
image size (MB): autmatic calculation
filse system: auto
username: ROOT
DNS server: automatic detection
Localization: en_us.utf-8
Desktop Enviroment: lxde
select components: desktop envioroment, ssh server, kalicomponents

on complete linox i get "chroot: cant execute '/root/init.sh': permission denied shutting down linux ARM"