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Thread: Setting up Kali to persist

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    Setting up Kali to persist

    Hi All,

    I'm using a Windows 7 machine and I followed the steps here to create a live usb install -

    I'm now trying to add persistence, but I don't understand the steps in this article -

    Do I boot into the live version then run those steps or are those steps assuming you have another *nix machine and haven't already done the steps in that first article?

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    Go here

    You can make a live kali-linux 1-09a using only windows But to add persistance you need a linux operating system i.e. when you add persistance you need to insert the usb into a computer running linux with gparted. The usb you are adding persistance to will be locked. So make two live kali-linux usb installs. Run one live intall and use it to work on the usb flash drive that you are adding persistance to.


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    Thanks so much for the response @mmusket33! That post is much easier to follow than the online article.

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