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Thread: kalimenu/wireless tools bug in Nethunter 1.1

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    kalimenu/wireless tools bug in Nethunter 1.1

    Am experiencing a bug trying to use wireless tools via kalimenu in Nethunter 1.1

    Occurring now on Nexus 7 (2013 wifi) and also on Nexus 5, when using TP Link TL-WN722N

    If Kali Launcher app/Launch Kali Menu in Terminal/[1] (Wireless Attacks)/[1] Wifite/any of [1], [2], etc (various kinds of Wifite attacks): fails to launch. Screen cycles straight back to "* WIFITE QUICK SELECT *" menu

    Same if trying to launch [4] (Wash, WPS scan tool) or [5] (airodump-ng) - oddly, they cycle to the "* WIFITE QUICK SELECT *" menu

    Using kalimenu [14] (Monitor Mode)/[1] (Enable) doesn't seem to help.

    I checked ifconfig: the TP Link fails to come up as wlan1 when plugged into phone/tablet, which only show internal wifi card (wlan0)

    Using Kali Launcher app/Launch Wifite also hit and miss. Seems to create interface wlan1mon at times, though mon0 at others. Kismet seems to be working OK most times.

    I can open a root shell and manually type it all into life (eg: ifconfig wlan1 up && airmon-ng start wlan1 && wifite -wep -i mon0; or variants for other tools. Another variant: I can ifconfig wlan1 up && airmon-ng start wlan1, then go back to the kalimenu, which will now work OK).

    ...however, this defeats the purpose of the kalimenu and the one-touch convenience needed for a tablet/phone.

    I had a look at the kalimenu script located at root/usr/bin/kalimenu

    Seems like the script runs checks for Wash, Airodump, Wifite to ensure interface mon0 is up and running. No mention of wlan1mon

    So could problem be with:

    a) ability of Nethunter 1.1 to recognise the TP-Link/wlan1, or

    b) ability to turn wlan1 into a monitor interface (ie; mon0, instead of wlan1mon), as required in the kalimenu script?

    Any ideas on how to best fix this?

    Other than this, 1.1 is outstanding. On the occasions I've got the tools working via the menu the user experience is slick, easy and effective. Metasploit also boots well and works like a charm. Looking forwards to more experimenting with the other tools you've put on there. Great job guys.

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    I have the same problem as you on nexus 7. When Launching "Kali Menu in Terminal", Wifite and other wireless tools won't work.
    The work around is to launch "Kali Shell in Terminal" and then to execute kalimenu from the shell directly.

    Hope it will be fixed in the next release.

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    @kalam - You brought up a good point about wlan1mon, I really didn't take that into account.

    @nicocha - I wasn't aware of this either. Thank you for bringing it up.

    I will look into both of these errors.

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