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Thread: Kali Arm Build Scripts

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    Kali Arm Build Scripts

    As I posted before, I'm trying to build a custom kali image for the Raspberry Pi. I can't do it manually because I don't know how to part and mount the img file. I found a lot of info but I can't make it work. During my search I found a collection of scripts ( that can automate the work. I've downloaded and use the propper script to build the image for the Raspberry. All was nice! The system boot without any trouble. But that img file is the same that you can download. I want to add some packets to my custom image such as wifite, hostapd, udhcpd and, if I could make it work, maybe metasploit. In the script is possible to add more packets, but if I edit it adding anything, it doesn't work. I've tried to add the packets in the variable and in the line of the script. I've tried to change the size of the image too, but every time I edit that script the system won't boot and shows me an error like this:
    PANIC: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (179-2)
    Entering kdb (current=0xdb048000, pid 1) due to keyboard Entry
    And then, the keyboard doesn't work. I repeat, I've only edited the packets, repositories and the size of the img file. Only that. If I don't edit anything it works, if I touch something don't do it...What can I do?

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    you should enlarge the rootfs to fit the necessary additional packages from the error you quoted I assume it simply not big enough,
    try to make it a bit larger

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