I'm a newby and trying to get this to work

So, have VMware player, and Kali-Linux-1.0.9. VM
Changed advanced settings for USB to 2.0. Connected Realtek RTL8187_Wireless to VM

And then run wifite, I wait for my laptop to show as a client
I choose the access point that it is associated with

It starts listening for handshakes, issuing deauthentication etc...

I'm running a continuous ping on the laptop, sometimes for a wifite session I will see nothing happen on the client? I will restart the VM, unplug replug the Alfa card and then run wifite again

This time I will see that for every deauthentication attempt a packet will drop and it looks like it is working? But it still has never captured a handshake.

If I manually disconnect and reconnect the laptop to the access point, it will almost immediately grab the handshake.

Any thoughts? Am I holding it wrong?

I've been mainly following this tutorial, http://resources.infosecinstitute.co...hrough-part-1/ with much googling on the side.