Hi guys, I'm new in this forum and I decided to join because I can not fix a problem in the installation of Kali as Live USB.
This is what I would do:
I would like to divide an Usb into three partitions. The first in FAT32 to use for data, photos, etc. compatible with windows, linux and mac osx. The second contains the Live Usb of Kali to boot from Bios. The third containing the persistence.

I have tried in various ways, but when i set the partition of Kali as SDC1 and i try to save the file on the Usb, windows reads me the first partition, and tells me that I have to format, finding no other partitions, and when i set the partition in FAT32 as SDC1 and I try to access Kali by Bios, if the FAT32 partition is empty Kali starts without problems, if the FAT32 partition contains some files it starts Windows instead of Kali.

I install Kali from Linux with dd with another key that I have with another live usb.
I tried to solve this problem by two days but I didn’t find out how to do, please, give me a hand.

MacBook Pro mid 2012 i5 ram 8g
OS: Mac OSX and Windows 7
Usb: SanDisk 32gb

P.S. I do not need a program on windows that let me read all the partitions, I need to read the usb in all the computer such as a normal Usb.

thanks to all