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Thread: Kali Full Installation on USB (Not Live USB) - Help needed

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    Question Kali Full Installation on USB (Not Live USB) - Help needed

    Hello everyone.

    Yesterday I attempted to make a full install of Kali on a 32 GB USB 2.0 pen drive, but after completion, not only didn't Kali boot, but also my Windows OS went wrong.

    I'm working on a Toshiba Satellite L305 model, running Win 7 64.

    Here's how I did it:
    1. Download Kali 64 ISO
    2. Download Win 32 Disk Imager
    3. Install and run Wind 32 Disk Imager
    4. Write live Kali USB on pen drive (secondary 4GB USB pen drive)
    5. Reboot pc and boot from Kali live USB
    6. Select hard drive install
    7. Select 32 GB USB pen drive as hard drive for installation (Use full disk with LVM)
    8. Allowed GRUB installation

    After the process successfully completed, pc got stuck on a black screen with flicking command line.

    I restarted the computer and GRUB came in providing an error message that disk couldn't be found.

    I believe that GRUB is broken, so I'm going to repair/re-install it today, since it's not even recognizing my Win 7, I'm not sure if this will also help allow Kali to boot, but just in case I would like to know if my procedure was appropriate for the Full USB installation.

    Reason why I want the Full installation against the Live USB with Persistence is because I want faster boot and performance, as well as the ability to always have my OS updated. I'm unable to install on hard drive as a secondary OS because I have no further space on my 320 GB HDD.

    Thanks in advanced and best regards.

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    rebuild/ repair windows mbr

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