Hello everyone,

I am having trouble configuring the WiFi on the Mac.
Here's my problem : I use the Kali linux 1.0.9 on a live bootable USB stick with persistence.
Here's the deal though : I have no wifi connexion. I did the "lspci" command, and i found out that there was a lot of trouble for the airport card (BCM 14e4:43a0) which is used in my PC (it detects the wifi card well, tells me which model it is.. etc). I found tutorials on the internet, and I tried to install the bcmwl deb package, which was already installed. I did the ifconfig command, and it returns only the lo0 interface. In the HUD, it tells me "no network connexion available".
I am running out of ideas, and I just can't have internet on my Linux (yes, there is no ethernet on my model..). So any help would be appreciated.