Hi everybody, I have had some issues and some I solved, I'll start with solved ones and after with my problem where I'm stuck now.
I got Kali 1.0.9a and installed on an Asus laptop, everything works nice till i took out the hdd or till I boot from other media(external hdd, usb flash)
after that I got the same problem, I can't boot, no grub, nothing. I installed many times and luckily at the end I found a solution, the problem was that
the efi bios forget about loader if i change the boot to other media, of course this happen now too, but I use refind(www.rodsbooks.com/refind/) which make
my days happy, no more trouble with this.
Nowadays I wanted to install 8.1 and Kali in dual boot, I've installed 8.1, let around 70Gb for Kali but when i try to install, I can't see the drive, in Windows I see that partition
as ext3 but is marked as GPT, i don't know exactely what to do. I've booted on an external hdd with kali and gparted or other tools can't see the ssd too. Somebody meet
this problem too ? The ideea is if is any solution to install kali after win8.1 ...
Another problem which I met in installing 1.0.9a was that there at the installation can't see my usb wireless antenna, when i check the driver from the list, doesn't want to
use it and gave me an error but when I installed 1.0.8 everything worked smoothly. Is 1.0.9a implemented in another way or have less drivers, what can I do ?
Thank you for your time.