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Thread: Samsung Chromebook Kali promiscuous mode wifi / wireless - airmon-ng

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    Smile Samsung Chromebook Kali promiscuous mode wifi / wireless - airmon-ng


    I've been trying and looking for a solution to the issue of not being able to use the built-in wifi or external usb wifi adapter in promiscuous i.e. monitor mode on a Samsung Chromebook running Kali Linux.
    I have it working and wanted to share... although it's not the most graceful solution.

    I have plugged in a usb 3. hub with ethernet by EasyAcc, model HE1. Then plugged in a PiHut 802.11n usb wifi adapter.

    The Chromebook then picks up the network connections in the manager (top right) as extra wired and wireless connections (but says device not managed).

    In CLI I downed the mlan0 interface, and up'ed the wlan0 interface.

    I was able to run airmon-ng on wlan0, and then airodump...

    Hope this helps.

    A. n00b.

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    model number? there are several version for this laptop each using a different wifi adapter

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