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Thread: Dual boot windows and Kali, installation stuck

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    Dual boot windows and Kali, installation stuck

    I was installing Kali by flash drive and it was going fine until it got to the finish the installation part. It's been stuck on the gathering information for installation report for 15 hours now. I'm not sure if there's anyway to fix this or if I should abort or if I should wait longer.

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    No step should take 15 hours. I would abort.

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    Try reinstall from a DVD disk that the ISO is burned on. I too initially had troubles with a converted Kali ISO to USB with Rufus. I've learned that sometimes conversion to USB for whatever reason can cause problems, this seems to happen more with linux distros, as far as i've seen. No problems getting a dual boot install setup with Win 7. Be aware (at least in the previous version), that during install it would complain about wifi problems. I had to plug my laptop into a wired connection on my switch to finish install. After install wifi works perfect.

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    15 hours is about average for a windows install. Kali never took me any longer than half an hour. (usually always getting side tracked, and trying to work out the UEFI situation)

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    Make sure you install the kali onto your usb as the kali docs states. Please refer to kali USB installation first. Also make sure the usb stick is in good shape. You could try the dvd installation as cegha04 is telling you.

    Are you installing dual boot? UEFI? Need more info if you can provide it.


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