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Thread: Installing Kali on Acer Aspire Aspire ES1 (E11) 111M eMMC

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    Installing Kali on Acer Aspire Aspire ES1 (E11) 111M eMMC

    I have a problem with my Kali (Kali Linux 32 bit ISO from official release).
    When I'm trying to install it on internal eMMC 32GB card on Acer Aspire ES1 with 4GB RAM (LINK)
    everythinkg seems to be ok druing the Graphical Installation, system see the eMMC card, then I'm installing it in the most basic way
    - installing everything on one partition - without separating it for /var, /home, etc. and so on there is no errors till I get to the reboot section
    - system exits the installator and should reboot by itself but instead of this, it freezes (I've waited for an 4-5 hours - still nothing).
    However, when I i reboot it manually by power of and then power on everything seems ok - the GRUB is loading, Kali begins to start and then the magic begins to happen :
    -there is a lot of errors, next the system looks like on the last picture :
    Ending screen
    I read about those errors that it may be an eMMC card corruption, however i've installed Ubuntu Trusty Tahr (i386 32bit) and everything went normal, it loaded without errors
    so i could log in and start using it normally. Could someone explain me what is the meaning of this errors, or maybe what did i do wrong ?

    Edit :

    I found something that may help : the problem is of course with eMMC disks and to be more precisely with the rpmb sector, however it is not only in this model, but with few others that uses eMMC disks (like for ex. Asus Transformer T100). The propably solution to this is contained on this site : and similar here : Could someone explain to me (step by step will be the best option) how can i apply this patch for a kernel to kompile ? Or should it work when i do this on Ubuntu and then try to install Kali ?
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