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Thread: Msfconsole not loadingon a new install

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    Msfconsole not loadingon a new install

    I have Kali Linux installed on Virtual Box.. and have Metasploitable on another machine..

    I have started with
    1. service postgresql start
    2. verified that PostgreSQL is running by checking the output of ss -ant and making sure that port 5432 is listening.
    3. service metasploit start

    Once this is complete I type msfconsole and nothing happens..

    I have checked in /opt/metasploit and the following folders are in there

    • app
    • createuser
    • deleteuser
    • apps
    • diagnostics_shell
    • msfpro
    • properties.ini
    • resetpw
    • ruby
    • scripts

    Anything else I can do?

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