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Thread: Automated install/preseeding not working with 1.1.0

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    Automated install/preseeding not working with 1.1.0


    I'm trying to auto install by adding "auto url=http://xxx/preseed.cfg" to the boot params in 1.1.0 and I can't manage to get it to work at all. Same process worked fine under 1.0.9.

    I can see the debug logs confirm that the preseed.cfg file was downloaded and I can see it saved in / during install. Despite that, the installer process doesn't appear to use it at all and will ask all of the standard setup questions as if preseeding wasn't used.

    Any thoughts?

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    I have the same issue. I have been playing with the boot parameters a bit, but so far without much success. Works fine on 1.0.9a and earlier versions, but not on 1.1.0

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    I had the same issues with Kali 2.0. I discovered Kali 2.0 is based off of Debian Jessie and found this issue: The crux of the problem, as stated in that thread, is a "---" (triple dash) must be put before the parameters to be parsed by the Debian installer. I was working on this for a Packer Kali build (, and the boot command for my Packer template is:

    "<bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs>< bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs ><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs>",
    "--- preseed/url=http://{{ .HTTPIP }}:{{ .HTTPPort }}/preseed.cfg debian-installer=en_US locale=en_US keymap=us kbd-chooser/method=us fb=false debconf/frontend=noninteractive hostname=kali domain=local.lan",
    " keyboard-configuration/modelcode=SKIP keyboard-configuration/layout=USA keyboard-configuration/variant=USA console-setup/ask_detect=false initrd=/install/initrd.gz <enter>"

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