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Thread: Kali on Odroid-C1 - close but no cigar

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    Kali on Odroid-C1 - close but no cigar

    I have used Kali on the Odroid-U2 and it works great. I recently just got a couple of Odroid-C1 units in and would like to start using these. I have made a couple of attempts at changing the U2 script around. It all seems to compile but there are some issues with the UImage and ZImage, it looks like the C1 needs one file versus the U2 needing the other. I also changed the references to the Kernel and the Uboot to use the Hardkernel C1 files.

    I changed lines based on info from the odroid docuwiki:
    248: git clone --depth 1 -b odroidc-3.10.y ${basedir}/kernel
    257: make odroidc_defconfig
    289: git clone --depth 1 -b odroidc-v2011.03
    294: make odroidc_config

    I feel that there needs to be a couple of other changes and that I'm close but not there yet.

    Thanks for any help

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    So I was pretty far off but have found hope with another user who is working on this issue.

    Yhfudev, thanks for working on this.

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    You may want to checkout the source to build your own kali image.

    The blank screen on monitor issue was fix,
    you can get a working Kali image now.
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