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Thread: help to install kali linux on usb

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    Unhappy help to install kali linux on usb

    Hey, I am also facing this problem since last week,
    Actually my condition is , i am trying to install(not live) kali linux amd 64_1.0.9a on a pendrive(32gb) through the virtual box , so i can use the pendrive as my hard drive to booot into kali , as i mention ,i am facing this problem since last week before it i was able to boot it from usb and every this was right ,i format it for some resons and know trying again to do the same but now i am unable to boot it from usb ,i am also attaching a attachment of my error when i try to boot it from my usb after installation of kali through virtual box(installed completly without error) , any suggestion and reply will be highly appericiated fer.JPG

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    Hello mak.singh888,

    As I replied on your last post here is a possible solution.

    I'll tell you that doing that operation between a vm and a usb stick is not going to work well you are more than likely getting a kernel panic because as g0tmi1k stated the md5 of the file is more than likely different as virtual machines have a lot of usb bus data drop.

    I would recommend downloading the iso for kali linux and using the universal usb installer for windows found here
    Or if you have a linux distro currently installed as your host get unetbootin by doing the following:
    apt-get install unetbootin
    Hope this helps

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