I think what a lot people where hoping for when they first heard about Kali Nethunter was a phone/tablet version on a Nexus device that would look and feel like Kali on a laptop/desktop. Therefore:

How about a desktop, such as Gnome, so users can work with something they are instantly familiar with?

How about, in the menus where options are typically numbered, the Nexus soft-keyboard defaults to showing the number keys instead of the letter keys?

How about Kali Nethunter being shown on the notification bar? (zANTI2 does)

How about NetHunter applications being shown in the notifications bar when they run? (airmon-ng for example).

How about, in the home screen, the menu is shown by default?

How about some code on the menu screens to handle invalid input from the user (for example the user accidentally entering invalid input such as '1)' when they just meant the '1' key)?

How about using '0' (zero) as the standard option on every menu to take the user back to the preceding menu?

NB: I noticed that if you plug a mouse into your Nexus 7 then Kali NetHunter will not toggle the soft-keyboard - that issue needs addressing.