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Thread: HID execution Langage problem

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    Question HID execution Langage problem

    Hi everyone,

    I work on oneplus one and one win 8.1 x64 French version.

    The HID attack execution work correctly but i have just a little mistake, because the execution start to writte : c,d in the search case of my win8.1 and for work properly this one must execute "cmd"

    so my question its , How i can choose the langage or edit this one for a correctly execution because i think the script speak in en key and my compute read that with french key like u can see the "c,d"

    Thanks for feedback

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    Yakatape - The keys are all processed by:

    We were able to convert some of then french codes from ducky: to appropriate hex values using:

    I am unsure what issues you are having exactly but maybe that can point you in the right direction.

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