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Thread: Clean your laptop fan | basic knowledge

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    Exclamation Clean your laptop fan | basic knowledge

    disclaimer As every models are different, this won't be a precise howtoo. Rather a basic 'what to do' once you get the **** thing out. Remember, "If it ain't broke don't fix it". If you need another laptop after this, I'm not responsible. This is to help someone that needs to clean their laptop fan and prevent having to do it four(4) times like I had to do.

    1. Search and get a disassembly howtoo for your laptop.
    It doesn't have to be the precise model, but it should be clear and close enough to demystify the procedure. Something like this

    2. Once the lappy disassembled, remove the fan assembly(the whole thing) out.

    3. Undo the casing of the fan by removing the small screws. My fan assembly was made of three(3) parts.
    • a plastic cover
    • a metal base with the motor
    • the plastic fan itself

    The fan was removable from the motor simply by pulling on it(as I discovered after the fourth time, duh), as the only thing keeping it in position is the magnet(yours might be different).

    4. clean all three parts with alcohol(96% if available), either by submerging them totally in alcohol and cleaning all parts with a small brush, or dip the brush in alcohol to clean all 3 parts. Alcohol is non-conductive so don't be scared of it.

    5. once cleaned remove excess alcohol by centrifugal force. Let it dry for about 20mins. Alcohol evaporates quickly.

    6. add a drop of mineral oil(or other) in the center of the motor, where the hole is, where the fan center pole fits in.

    7. Reassemble everything back and enjoy better performances and the silence.

    Qestion to all: Have you ever seen a recent laptop model that has an easily accessible fan?
    If so, please state maker and model. Thanks.
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    Clean your laptop fan | basic knowledge

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    When cleaning your fan with alcohol MTeams suggest you NOT use isopropyl rubbing alcohol unless it specifically states it is 95% or greater. Most isopropyl rubbing alcohol is 70% alcohol and 30% water. We suggest methanol wood alcohol or ethanol grain alcohol. These alcohols absorb water from the atmosphere when exposed to air but the amount is very low.


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