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Thread: Differences between Alfa AWUS036NHA / NH / NEH

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    Differences between Alfa AWUS036NHA / NH / NEH

    I have googled for quite a while regarding which network card I should purchase, and I am coming short of my answers. I apologize if this CAN be answered through the use of Google, but I have been unable to find results.

    I have settled on three cards to use for my penetration testing using a mixture of Black Arch and Kali Linux. I am open to other suggestions, however I am fairly certain these would be my best bet. The Alfa AWUS036NHA, the NH, or the NEH. The NHA and NH have been compared a lot in other forums, however I have a specific question that was NOT answered in other forums. More detail below. The NEH has very little information out there, however it does appear to inject packets very well, and has a nice range/sensitivity in comparison to the H. I'd like to know how it compares to my choice of the NHA or NH. If this sounds confusing, let me write it in a form of what could be a Math problem...ish. (NHA vs NH) vs NEH.

    For educational/theoretical purposes, let's compare these at their maximum power usages, via their maximum power output in dbm. Note this is not illegal unless I use a much higher dBi antenna than what comes with these cards by default.

    I am certain that the NH will go up to 33dbm, and the NHA will use 27dbm, however the NHA is rumored to use up to 30/33dbm. How much difference does the power usage actually make in terms of connecting at a range? I know the NH has a longer range than the NHA, however the NHA has a better sensitivity to lower APs than the NH does, so can the NHA still connect at about the same ranges as the NH? To make it less confusing, how well does the NH compare at CONNECTING at ranges to the NHA, both at maximum power levels (hypothetically/theoretically of course)? I also understand that increasing the power here wil only be increasing it's broadcasting strength, not it's sensitivity to receiving packets.

    I understand that the NHA is a better injector than the NH in some tests, however the NH has very few to no issues injecting, so they are pretty much even here to the best of my knowledge.

    Now, as to the second part of my questions that Google cannot find, how about the NEH? There's barely anything out there that I can find on this sucker, other than that it works for injecting. I don't know how well, I don't know it's range, I don't know it's power usage (and ALFA doesn't put these on their site anymore it seems), and the big one, I don't know how it works in relation to the NHA/NH.

    If Google /can/ find answers to these questions, I apologize but I have not been able to find these answers. Please show me where Google answers my questions, and what you searched for specifically to find it.

    Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it.
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    I know it's been some time you asked a question, however as I can see there was no answer.
    If you search now, there is few topics about NHA and it's comparison to NH card. Basically the NH card has a wider range, but NHA is more sensible
    and it is able to detect even APs with very weak broadcast strength - what in conclusion and answering your question - NH is worse in connecting to
    APs that are clearly "visible" to the both cards - NHA is strictly more sensible !
    And about comparing NH and H card - you are not the only one with this problem, so there was created this site that should answer your questions :
    (unfortunately there is no NHA card, but it should be in near future)
    I hope that my short answer helped you just a little.

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