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Thread: Problem with "Live Build a Custom Kali ISO" Tutorial

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    Problem with "Live Build a Custom Kali ISO" Tutorial

    In the Getting Ready section the first commands work ok, but the last command (lb config), fails with the following error:

    lb config: unrecognised option '--cdebootstrap-options'
    lb config: unrecognised option '--updates'

    P.s. I ran "lb config" as "lb_config --architecture amd64".

    Please help.

    Many thanks

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    I had a similar problem when trying to create a custom iso without pae
    bash: lb: command not found
    root@kali:~/live-build-config# apt-get install git live-build cdebootstrap

    root@kali:~/live-build-config# git clone git://

    root@kali:~/live-build-config# cd live-build-config

    root@kali:~/live-build-config/live-build-config# sed -i 's/686-pae/486/g' auto/config

    root@kali:~/live-build-config/live-build-config# lb clean --purge

    root@kali:~/live-build-config/live-build-config# lb config --architecture i386

    root@kali:~/live-build-config/live-build-config# lb build

    these are basically the commands from
    just tweaked using the following resources

    hope this helps ya

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