Hi dudes... how are you?... I have try to install Kali linux in manual mode, becasue i want encrypt my HDD with sha512 and twofish... but in the option "Guided - use enti.... encrypted LVM" i cant select the hash and neither change to the twofish xts-plain64

i've tried shell installation and all is ok, but when i need booting, I cant because, the boot not ask me the password...I try to solve the problem, but I couldn't do it
Another solution that dont likes me is, cryptsetup-reencrypt -c twofish-xts-plain64 -h sha512 /dev.... but it take so time...

I promise you, if I can figure this out, I will make a tutorial about it Hahahaha
I would be very grateful if you could help me
Could i change to configuration in "Guided - use enti.... encrypted LVM" for what it use sha512 ??

Kali linux 1.1.0 64 bits

PD: Sorry for my poor english..and Grettings!
Thank you very much!!!!