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Thread: start Metasploit rpcd at system-boot

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    start Metasploit rpcd at system-boot

    Hello How can i start the Metasploit-RPC-Service at Systemboot? =/ it would be nice, when anyone can explain me what Setting must be set... so that the Service starts (with the same Setting when i start it manually) =)
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]1. Lenovo Thinkpad T60 - 3,5 GB DDR2 - 60GB SSD - T2400[/COLOR]: Kali-Linux (x86 HDD) 1.0.2
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]2. Intel Q8200 - 4GB - 500GB SATA2 - ATI Radeon HD6570 Windows 8 Pro MCE[/COLOR]


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    These 2 commands will do the job..

    update-rc.d postgresql enable >> This is for postgresql so you may not want to enable it at boot but it's up to you.
    update-rc.d metasploit enable

    Check here for more info as well:

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