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Thread: Issues with using XRDP - Kali Linux

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    Issues with using XRDP - Kali Linux

    I've been running into issues getting XRDP to function with the GUI instance of Kali for my Raspberry Pi

    I've installed the relevant packages including tightvncserver and xrdp and ran all the necessary updates, started the services, and activated the GUI by typing in the command startx. On a secondary monitor I can confirm to see the GUI operational.

    However whenever I try to remote desktop from my windows machine into the Kali distro I always get this screen after attempting to log in using sesman-xvnc and the thing basically freezes up until it brings me back to a selection of remote protocols to log in with


    I've looked at tons of support documentation and have even uninstalled and reinstalled tightvncserver and xrdp just in the off chance I had installed those apps out of order. I really have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Is there port forwarding I need to do with my internal LAN? Really not sure how to progress from here. Getting this to work remotely is basically a necessity

    Any help or advice?

    P.S: First time Linux user so please be gentle

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    Try starting up in a shell
    xrdp -nodaemon
    and look at the error messages. You might have to run
    mv rsakeys.ini /etc/xrdp

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