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Thread: [Problem] Difficulty Booting Up Kali Linux

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    [Problem] Difficulty Booting Up Kali Linux

    I recently downloaded Kali Linux from Offensive Security and installed it into Virtual Box. I had specifically chosen the 64 bit version as I had assumed my Windows 7 OS with an Intel Core i3 was 64 bit, though upon configuring the General settings all the Linux operating systems listed came out as 32 bit, though I had checked earlier that I did indeed install the 64 bit version from the website.

    It seemed to work fine at first, as I made it to the Boot Up menu of Kali and chose Install, however the process never works because the Boot menu keeps giving me a message stating:

    This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU.
    Unable to boot - please use kernel appropriate for your CPU.

    Under System Settings of Virtual Box I noticed under the Processor tab that the CPU was locked at 1 and I had no access to the Acceleration tab. I tried looking through for a solution on Youtube, where some tutorials suggested PAE/NX might help, though in my case it didn't change the CPU error.

    Could anyone here please help me with this issue, as I really wish to be able to use Kali.

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    Switch to VMware and see if it works.
    VMware player is free for Windows & Linux.
    This is a Kali-Linux support forum - not general IT/infosec help.

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    Yeah but Virtual Box is far more full featured compared to VMware Player which is just trying to get users to purchase a commercial version of their products. Lots of people use Virtual Box for Kali, and I'm sort of more used to the system as well.

    I think the issue I'm experiencing may be related to Intel Virtualization Technology, to specifically enable Intel VT-x/AMD-V from BIOS.

    Surely my computer's CPU is compatible with Kali, and the kernel requires a x86-64 CPU. It could be that the x86-64 CPU is operational but not detectable by the VM.

    I'm not exactly sure whether or not my PC's Intel VT-x/AMD-V is enabled or not, or if this would even fix the issue I'm having related to the Kali kernel being unable to detect a x86-64 CPU.
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