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Thread: HP Chromebook - Tiny USB partition.

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    HP Chromebook - Tiny USB partition.

    Evening folks, need a bit of help with increasing the partition on a USB stick I use with an HP chromebook. I dd'ed over the kali image and it boots up fine however on the 32GB usb stick about 26gb are unused. When doing a kali-linux-full install I run out of space *duh*. As I had the same problem when running kali on a rasberry pi I though I could solve it by using gparted on the stick in another linux box and simply resize the partition the same way I successfully did on the raspberry micro SD card. But no luck there, after doing it to the usb stick it won't boot when pressing CTRL+U, there's just a beep.

    Even tried "apt-get viagra \sda\ --fix-tiny-partition". Still no luck.

    Any ideas?
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