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Thread: Full disk encryption after installing Kali Linux

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    Question Full disk encryption after installing Kali Linux

    I've installed Kali Linux as the only OS(which it will remain) on a 100GB partition on the hard drive in my laptop. I didn't set up the encryption while installing it and I would now like for it to be fully encrypted. I was able to encrypt a previous hard drive that had Windows 7 on it, very easily, but it appears as if I no longer have the same options within Kali Linux.

    Is it possible to encrypt my hard drive at this point, or will I have to reinstall Kali Linux, and if it is possible, can you explain how to?

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    True crypt supports full disk encryption, however they have shutdown the project and said publicly not to use the product

    Some people think it was a warrant canary (the shutdown) and so far the truecrypt audit is coming up clean.

    Google truecrypt full disk encryption in ubuntu

    this should set you in the right direction

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    Thank you for answering.

    I actually did a re-install and found out that Kali Linux has it's own encryption. I would assume that it contains a backdoor, so I'll be re-installing again...

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