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Thread: No tools for the Raspberry pi armel image ?

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    No tools for the Raspberry pi armel image ?

    Im used to linux to begin with. I know how kali works - At least I thought.
    Got the latest kali armel image for RPI. Extracted it and use win32 imager to put that sucker on on a 16 gig SD card.
    It boots just fine. I ssh into it. Change password and reconfigure the SSH keys. I do the apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.
    It updates but i get no tools such as wash.
    Ok.. No problem. apt-get install kali-linux should do it right ?
    No dice. Still no wash nor any reaver.
    Airodump-ng is there though.

    I cant even apt-get install wash as there are no package by that name.. dafug ? the sources.list does have the kali repo but.. No tools ??
    What am I doing wrong ? Im only interessed in using it headless so i use it by SSH to it. I got it wired to my network and a TP-Link with external antenna to use.

    What am I doing wrong since i cant even install the tools i need ? It cant seem to find any packages by the name wash.
    And how do i get it to keep working when i disconnect from putty ? I need it to keep going even while im logged off.

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    The ARM images are 'lighter' than the standard desktop ISO images out of the box.
    If you wish to have the same tools, you can install 'kali-linux-full' (which isn't the same as 'kali-linux' - which is what you are doing)
    apt-get install kali-linux-full


    The kali-linux metapackage is a completely bare-bones installation of Kali Linux and includes various network services such as Apache and SSH, the Kali kernel, and a number of version control applications like git, svn, etc. All of the other metapackages listed below also contain kali-linux.
    Installation Size: 1.5 GB


    When you download a Kali Linux ISO, you are essentially downloading an installation that has the kali-linux-full metapackage installed. This package includes all of the tools you are familiar with in Kali.
    Installation Size: 9.0 GB
    Please note, not every tool has a ARM release...

    For more information:

    'wash' isn't its own program. Its part of another one, 'reaver' (wash is a addon/utility/extension).
    root@kali ~$ apt-cache search wash
    fonts-senamirmir-washra - collection of unicode fonts for the Ethiopic script
    ruby-whitewash - Whitelist-based HTML filter for Ruby
    squirrelmail-viewashtml - SquirrelMail plugin: View mails as HTML
    root@kali ~$ # You can see wash is missing
    root@kali ~$ apt-cache search reaver
    bully - Bully is a new implementation of the WPS brute force attack, written in C.
    reaver - brute force attack tool against Wifi Protected Setup PIN number
    root@kali ~$ # reaver is the package you want =).
    root@kali ~$ #...apt-get install reaver
    For more information:

    ...and on a personal note, I would recommend bully (its more up-to-date than reaver/wash).
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