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Thread: Installing Kali ISO to partition without USB/CD?

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    Installing Kali ISO to partition without USB/CD?

    Getting so frustrated with linux. Always an issue when trying to install.

    I am running Win7 and created a 20gb partition to install Kali and use it as dual boot option. I have more space available if anyone here suggests I need more room for it and wireless stress testing capabilities.

    Anyhow, I cannot install Kali via Daemon Tools because it tries to detect CDrom during the installation. How in the world do I simply install Kali onto the free 20gb partition I have created? Sheesh

    I know I'm supposed to create the following once I'm able to least thats what is suggesting

    Sorry for the frustration but I cannot find any helpful guides.

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    What your doing is impossible.

    For you to install kali - you need to boot into kali linux one way or another - you can't install when your using/in Windows.
    You need either to put Kali onto a DVD/CD/USB or do a network install.

    You also can't resize a partition when your in using it (e.g. in windows). You need to boot using live media and re-size it that way.

    If all of that isn't possible for you for whatever reason, you will need to use Kali in a virtual machine (such as VMware/Virtualbox)
    This is a Kali-Linux support forum - not general IT/infosec help.

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    I located a 4GB SD card but all I find now is using SD card for raspberry pi. Grrrrrr so **** frustrated!

    I already created the partition on the hard drive thru windows. So if I could ever get this to work I can install to that partition of the HD.

    I'm searching on here now for SD card options of installation.

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    So if I have the 4GB USB with the ISO on it. How do I go about installing Kali onto my hard drive without erasing my Win7 partition? I partitioned 20GB of the hard drive, so shouldn't Kali recognize that during the install? Note: I still do not have a CD/DVD rom on this ultra book. Only USB/SDCard

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