Hi, I have an HDD install of Kali version 1.0.9a 32bit. I am trying to install i3 in order to replace GNOME, which I currently have. I had some trouble with apt saying that i3-wm not being able to install dependencies, so I downloaded i3, i3-wm and its dependencies from packages.debian.org and installed them manually with dpkg -i. However, after logging out and logging back in, i3 failed to start. I Googled it and apparently there is supposed to be a file called .xinitrc in my home folder, but it wasn't there. I created the file and added 'exec i3' to it. Logged out, logged back in again and i3 still wouldn't start. I checked to see that the i3 configuration file was present, it was in /etc/i3/config. Here's the file if it's helpful: http://pastebin.com/GJvNmA8s

Once I rebooted my machine, I was only able to boot into text mode. When I try to run /usr/bin/i3, it says 'i3: Cannot open display'. When I try to run /usr/bin/X (apparently Kali doesn't have xinit or startx?) it hangs with a blank screen and a blinking white cursor in the corner until I have to reboot.

Here's the Xorg log: http://pastebin.com/W4h4Wgbv

I don't really know much about how X or window managers work so apologies if I haven't provided relevant information.

Thanks in advance~