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Thread: Installing Kali Linux On Android Need Help!!

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    Question Installing Kali Linux On Android Need Help!!

    I'm trying to install kali linux on my samsung galaxy s4 active using linux deploy, my phone is properly rooted , this is some of the configurations in linux deploy configuration : distribution: kali linux installation type : File installation path i changed it to /storage/extSdCard/Kali (Kali) which is a folder i made image size 4000 MB
    When im trying to install GNU/Linux installation im getting an error which is :
    Updating configuration file ... done

    begin : install
    Checking mount points ... fail
    Press STOP and repeat attempt
    I don't know what is the problem so any help would be appreciated
    the solution might be silly that im so stupid to figure it out or a little more difficult for me to sort it out
    Please help ASAP!
    Thanks in Advance

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    My problem is kinda solved and now im installing kali for guys who have the same issue
    go to this article by our genius friend Ciuffy
    go down to ... if you get an error section

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    Thankyou :3

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    I installed the kali distro and it works amazingly! The only question i have is in regards to the toolbar at the top (the one with the keyboard, mouse, etc...) because it's there i cannot ex out of apps (i have to right click the app icon at the bottom and exit). Also because of the toolbar, i cannot minimize a page which is really obnoxious! Does anyone know how to either move the toolbar or how to click underneath the toolbar so i can make the page smaller??

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