I have installed a latest version of kali linux in my Hyper-V machine. I have initially opted for Legacy network adapter and installed everything correctly.
After that i tried installing the Integration tools for Hyper-v . As there are no specific Integration tools for kali linux, i have tried installing for RHEL 6.3
I have completed all the processes and even after that the install.sh either post errors like no permission or some time show that the Kmod.rpmm is missing,though both cases I have solved manually. For permissions i have solved and the later one is available in the directory .
Please help . And specify does these integration tools are related to network config or I can use network without it also[if yes, please help me in doing the config myself ,i have opted for external virtual switch and tried three of them like the others are internal and physical. but none work for me.
I would be glad and thankful if someone comes uo and helps me.
Thanks And regards