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Thread: Kali Virtual Machine direct Copy and Past from BurpSuite not working

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    Kali Virtual Machine direct Copy and Past from BurpSuite not working

    Hello Kali Linux Forum

    I have kali linux 64 bit version (1.1.0b) running in a VM with VMware fusion (on a mac notebook running os 10.10.2). Overall I am very happy with the setup and almost everything is working fine. I have the VMware tools installed, in fact I use the package from Offensive Security, where the tools are already installed. I can use copy and paste between my host system and the kali guest and vice verca using text from the command line, browser or the various text editors.

    However if I copy text such as a HTTP request from the Burp Suite tool I cannot directly paste this text in my host system. I have to paste it in a text editor and copy it from there again and then it works. This is very inconvenient. I have googled the problem and did not find a solution. Has anyone of you the same problem or maybe even a solution?

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    It's an issue with burp/java.
    I'm unaware of a fix.
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